Alexander Emelianenko — Knock Outs!  This is one Bad Dude. Who is Alexander Emelianenko? With a bored look and dough like body — your first thought might be that this guy will be killed by the muscle bound monsters that he faces in the ring. His approach to the ring, with his shoulders slouched and an expression of defeat, makes you think that this guy is just not into the fight mentally or emotionally. But don’t be fooled by his personality — he is one bad dude, with the speed, strength and power, to Jack Up even the best.

After posting a few of his fights through social media sites like Facebook, many people have asked, who is this guy? And, that is a good question. There is something about his personality, his walk to the ring — and finally the stare down. He stands in front of his opponents with a bored “I don’t give a f___” look, his eyes reflect no expression — but, when the fight begins, he unleashes his wrecking ball.

Alexander is a Russian mixed martial artist who is a three time Russian national Combat Sambo champion and a three time world Combat Sambo champion. Sambo is a Russian martial art and combat sport. (Click Sambo to be directed to for more fun information on Sambo). Much of his career includes Pride Fighting Championships in Japan. (

Don’t be fooled by his dough like body — he is not a small guy himself — standing nearly 6’4 and weighing in at 245 pounds — he can certainly pose a threat to the average man. Couple his Sambo training, as a child he participated in street fights and is known to be involved in a riot between neighborhoods. He has also trained in Judo, Wrestling and Boxing at an early age. His older brother, Fedor, who is also an MMA fighter, would babysit Alexander during the day while their parents were at work, and he took Alexander with him to his Sambo classes. This is where Alexander first began his training.  By the age of 16 Alexander became a master of Judo. (Source: Wikipedia:Main Page).

He has an impressive fighting career in both boxing and mixed martial arts. According to his boxing career records 16 wins with 15 by way of knock-out and 1 draw. However,,  (, has only one fight on record, which Alexander won by decision.  His MMA career however is more defined.  According to, Alexander has fought 30 times with 23 wins (15 KO/TKO’s) (5 submissions) (3 decisions) and 7 losses (4 KO’s) (3 submissions).

His life has not been all too rosy. He has been denied a license to compete in the United States. Specifically, the State of California denied him a license due to his medical results. Although, the State of California prohibits the release of medical records, it has been rumored that Alexander may have Hepatitis C. Later, a Polish promoter denied Alexander a fight citing that he had been tested for Hepatitis C.  Alexander has denied these allegations — the promoter subsequently posted the medical records to the public which supports some form of hepatitis — but, these medical records have yet to be confirmed.

Alexander’s life continues to spin out of control.  On May 2, 2014, his housekeeper, Polina Stepanova, filed a complaint with authorities, claiming that she was sexually assaulted and raped by Alexander.  Alexander was charged and he pleaded not guilty, stating that the sex was consensual. He was found guilty on May 19, 2015 for the crime and was sentenced to four and a half years in prison. Subsequently, he has attempted to appeal the conviction, and the appeal was denied September 24, 2015.




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