Bully is body slammed — Makes World News


A young boy who has been terrorized for most of his life by bully’s fights back.

One morning he is ambushed by bully’s — verbal assaults begin and then comes the physical assault, one punk dances around his victim as if he is a golden gloves boxer, then the physical assault.  The Bully punches his victim in the face and body.  Clearly terrorized and out-numbered, the young victim strikes back, he lunges at the Bully grabs him and lifts him nearly head level and body slams the Bully. The Bully appears badly injured and like the punk he is limps away.

The story made world news and is featured on shows such as TMZ and a special episode on A Current Affair (ACA).   With millions of Youtube views, hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers the boy is revered as a Hero — rightfully so!


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