Bully Is Knocked Out Cold


Bully Attacks Man is Knocked Out Cold

I am not sure whether to call this idiot a “bully” — as he is the size of a spaghetti noodle. So, for the purpose of this writing, I will describe the bully as a “Noodle”.  But, I think its worth sharing as a demonstration to those who lack better judgment that its not wise to pick fights on the street.

The video portrays the “noodle” approaching two unsuspecting victims to harass. The victims stop to listen to the noodle. The noodle then imposes himself on one of the victims, and pushes his shoulder into the victim. The victim with one hand in his pocket, turns to the noodle, as if to say “what the F___.”  The noodle doesn’t back down and takes a pop shot at the victim.

The noodle throws a wild left hook, striking the victim in the side of the head. He follows up his left hook with a flailing right cross that misses.  The victim counters with a sharp left hook of his own, connecting squarely across the noodles jaw. The the noodle drops like a dead corpse and is knocked out cold.

The victim seems somewhat concerned, and attempts several times to wake the limp noodle from the state of unconsciousness. The video ends with the noodle still out cold.

While it is all too fun to watch a bully pay for his dues and get knocked the f_____ out, something must be done to curb the behaviors of these bully’s. Studies have shown that the aggressive personalities begins at home, with the parents who raise the children. Education and family bonding is a must and it begins with the parents. Studies have shown that parents who have expressed interest in their children’s interests and hobbies and monitored their children’s actions against other children have curbed the act of bullying. Essentially, those parents who educate and steer their children from being a bully, either in person or through the internet, head off problems in their tracks.

Its important for parents to observe their children closely and if their child is expressing any form of aggression or hostility toward other children, immediate action is recommended, including professional help if necessary.

Many parents have gone so far to monitor their children’s interactions with other children on the playground, soccer field, baseball field as well as their online communication habits. By monitoring the children, parents have been able to determine if their child is either a bully or being bullied. In either case, through this method, parents have been able to help children with the emotional stresses that they are facing.

Further studies reflect that both, a bully and the one being bullied, can negatively effect the children going into their adult lives.


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