Burglars Trying To Steal Taco’s — Inspirational Story


Smash and grab robberies have been on the rise in cities across the nation, with many of the thieves still on the loose and roaming free on the streets to cause more frantic chaos. These thugs use all kinds of methods to break into stores and restaurants, including throwing  rocks or bricks through doors and windows.  But, one of the most common methods is to drive stolen vehicles through the door of the establishments. Once in the store or restaurant, you will find the criminals storm the establishments, in an almost savage like fashion, stealing clothes, jewelry and money, if they are so lucky to get their hands on money.  (Most store owners make their nightly deposits or stash their spare cash in safes.) But, since most thieves are too stupid to realize this, they still steal the cash registers within the stores or restaurants. Hence all of the “stupid criminal” videos.

One restaurant owner and victim of a smash and grab decided that he would not let these low down criminal thugs bring his business down, and instead thought of a method that not only helped promote his restaurant, but also publicized just how stupid these criminals really are by posting their actions on YouTube.

Las Vegas, Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos was hit by a group of smash and grab thugs on December 16, 2015.  The manager of the restaurant told the Las Vegas Sun, that he wanted to “reach more people by making it a little more light-hearted” by releasing the security video of the criminals breaking into the restaurant through YouTube. He did this by using comical text captions during the video — stating that the criminals were looking for taco’s. The video writes out an entire script that is fitting for just how comically stupid these criminals look on film as they run from one side of the restaurant to the other side of the restaurant looking for something to steal — while we know that they were not really looking to steal taco’s, the restaurant management makes it appear that these thugs are looking for taco’s and even references the thugs running back into the restaurant to get their mother a taco. The entire scene is quite comical.

While this particular incident is funny as hell and with the millions of views through social media sites like YouTube may have drummed up more business and dollars in revenue for the owner of the restaurant, smash and grab crimes are being committed on a routine basis across the nation and causing millions of dollars in damage. Many business owners who are on the brink of closure end up going out-of-business due to the cost to repair or replace the stolen items. But, these heartless criminals continue to inflict the pain upon thousands of hard working business owners who are just trying to support their families — and there are few stories of these criminals expressing remorse.

To make matters worse, many of the crimes are committed with stolen vehicles. These criminals often steal vehicles and use the stolen vehicles to crash through the store fronts in order to gain entry into the stores. It is costing hundreds of millions of dollars every year in insurance claims, police investigations and vehicle replacement costs to the vehicle owners every year.  Because of this, millions of Americans are outraged when they see the videos of these criminals committing these crimes.

We can only hope that parents across the nation continue to unify honest family values and instill in their children that education and hard work is the only way to achieve their dreams and goals.

“In life you achieve what you work hard to achieve and if you do not achieve you are the only one to blame.”

Do you agree?

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