Chewbacca Arrested in Ukraine – Supports Darth Vader


Chewbacca was arrested and charged with violations of Ukraine’s Law against public campaigning on election day and was fined $8.00. He was there to support the Ukraine Internet Party candidate, “Darth Vader”.

Russian journalist Natalia Antonova, former editor of The Moscow News, tweeted a picture of Chewbacca in court.

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Chebacca in Court — Fined $8.00

Local media has reported that former world heavyweight boxing champion Vitali Klitschko was reelected mayor with about 54 percent of the vote. Klitschko defeated Aleksandr Borovik.

Borovik reported on Facebook that another Internet Party candidate, “Emperor Palpatine”, was was elected to the city council.


“We all make our own choices,” Borovik wrote. “But it’s beyond my understanding. People, what’s wrong with you?”

Chewbacca was unable to comment following his arrest — no translators were available.

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