Chris Brown Accused Of Punching Brazilian Model


Self proclaimed Kim Kardashian look-alike, model has accused Chris Brown of punching her in the eye at a Chris Brown after hours party in his suite at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

Liziane Gutierrez, a relatively unknown model who attempts to ride off the coat tail of Kim Kardashian and uses famous stars names, such as Rod Stewart in an effort to publicize herself, was kicked out of Chris Browns private after hour party for being “disruptive”. A representative of Chris Brown accuses Gutierrez of being on some sort of “mood changing” substance.

Gutierrez who was escorted out of the party for being disruptive and possibly sneaking her telephone into the party, I guess that was prohibited, threw a temper tantrum in the hall while she waited for Browns people to retrieve her phone. Sources said that she was screaming, making statements that she could buy everyone at this parry, and threw her purse to the floor. Apparently the chaos had gotten so out of control, the hotel sent up its security team and helped escort the model from the building.

This incident isn’t the first time Gutierrez has been dissed by a hip hop performer, in August 2015, she was attempting to tag along (basically be a groupie) with rapper Jason Derulowas and he didn’t allow her into his van leaving a night club. She expressed complete displeasure to the paparazzi that he had left her — during this incident a friend had sent her a text with instructions to call Uber to get a ride home.

Yet another attempt to gain some sort of celebrity attention, in October 2015, she reportedly was found flirting with Rod Stewart at a Sheraton hotel. She claimed that Stewart gave her tickets to his show and took her telephone number. But, its reported that he never called her.

It certainly appears that a pattern has developed, but something tells me that this woman is not getting it. Let’s run through the list: First, rapper Jason Derulowas, dissed her. Then Rod Stewart. And, now Chris Brown. Is the painting on the wall? Maybe, just maybe, hard work and dedication at something that is your own, will yield a happy and satisfying life. Just a thought?

Gutierrez apparently doesn’t see the writing one the wall. After the Jason Derulowas incident, she complained to a Brazilian tabloid that the American media is painting her out to be a prostitute. Hello, it that not writing on the wall or what?

Chris Brown has denied the allegation made by the the wanna be model and groupie and has made statements that he believes that someone *(referring to Gutierrez) is trying to get a paycheck — he further calls her an old ugly B____.

Could Chris Browns final sentiments sum it up — is Ms. Gutierrez days as a groupie numbered? If you were a performer, would you allow Ms. Gutierrez to be your groupie? Would you invite her to your party?  Before you answer, listen to her being interviewed. How long would you be able to listen to that woman? These are simple questions to be asked, and apparently, other performers have asked the same question, some learned early on, some too late.


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