Bully Is Knocked Out – Giant Bully Knocked Out By Man Half His Size


Just another bully getting a beat down.

A giant muscular man imposing himself on a man half his size takes a swing at the smaller guy. The smaller dude, avoids the punch and counters with a right cross that lands clearly across the jaw of the bully.

The giant bully crumbles to the ground like a sack of potatoes and is knocked out cold.

At least this is what the story appears to be. But, the truth be known, we really don’t know how this altercation took place.  The common misconception is that bigger boys and girls are more often than not the bullies compared to those of a smaller size person.  However, the size of a person is not what causes creates a bully.

Years of studies have shown that the size of a man or woman has no influence on whether a person will be or is a bully. Studies have contributed direct links to a persons home life to bullying. For instance, many times a child bully is experiencing problems at their home. These problems can be caused by abusive parents — but can also be contributed to neglect. In either case, it is important for parents to be involved in their children’s life as a positive role model.

Many bullies grow up in single parent households. But, it is not always the case. Because of this, it is important for parents to observe their children’s behavior around other children. If there are any signs of aggression or even the faintest signs, such as lightly teasing, these may be signs of bullying. In these cases, parents need to intervene and educate their children on bullying and if necessary, seek professional help.

To further fuel the fire of bullying, many studies have shown that a high percentage of parents fail to recognize the signs of bullying or even worse, ignore the signs. In many cases a bully may be a high profile star or athlete who hides under the radar. In other cases, they may be the popular person in the school, like the popular girl who bullies the unpopular girl. It doesn’t just happen in the movies, this is real life.

Parents who fail to recognize the signs or ignore the signs, may be contributors to mental health conditions, both, short term and long term, to those who have been bullied. But, if you are “that parent” who thinks “Oh well” — you better think again.  Bullies may also experience mental health conditions. Studies have shown that kids who have been excessive bullies, may experience mental health conditions themselves. Many bullies encounter troubles transitioning from an adolescent to an adult. These conditions may effect the bullies through college and into their professional careers.  In fact, many bullies have failed to learn how to turn off their aggressive behaviors.

The scene with the small guy knocking out the big guy, just may not be what you think. Remember, the size of a person does not constitute a bully.  Just maybe, we are not seeing the true picture.





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