Man Rips Out Girlfriends Intestines By Hand — Charged With Murder


Florida man goes crazy after his girlfriend calls out her ex’s name during sex and he rips her intestines out with his bare hands.

It happens all too often when a man or woman calls out the name of their ex-lover during the course of sex with their current lover. Situation like this can not only be a mood killer, but can be embarrassing for both parties.

Embarrassment is often the least of the worries for a relationship. Many couples have experienced severe jealousy troubles derived from insecurities after the first incident. Many times these insecurities are just that, insecurity with no just cause.

Its not uncommon for a person in a current relationship to call out the name of their past partner, whether its during the act of making love or social conversations. Specifically, if the person was in a long term relationship and/or married to the past partner.  In fact, it’s a natural for a person to call out their ex’s names in the course of exctiement, including during the act of making love. It’s almost like your mother yelling at you, but calling you by your brothers name. It doesn’t mean that your mother loves your brother any more than she loves you.

The brain has a way of remembering past experiences and recollects images, sounds, smells and names of those who were involved in a persons past life. (the brain never forgets) Because of this, a person cannot immediately remove these experiences from their conscious minds and will never remove them from their subconscious minds. In fact they may not only call out the name of their ex’s but they may actually visualize certain aspects of their ex’s for a brief moment in space.

However, there is good news. Over a period of time, a persons conscious mind will eventually forget their former partner and life may resume as normal. So you would think.  Its still not uncommon for the subconscious mind to shine its ugly head years down the road and for a person to call out their ex’s name. If this happens, it does not mean that your partner is longing for his/her ex, its just the human brain malfunctioning.

Since the chances are pretty darn high that your current partner has had past experiences with other lovers, If you think that you may not be able to handle your current partner calling out the name of their ex, whether during sex or in a social setting, you may want to just end the relationship and seek counseling before you decide to enter into another relationship. (Basically, your nuts!)

Sorry to say this, but its true. You do not want to find yourself flipping out and turning into a monster and ripping out your girlfriends intestines like this guy down in Florida.

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