Runaway Emu Captured in Maryland


A runaway emu that has been on the loose in Odessa, Delaware for over two months has been captured. The emu, who the locals nicknamed “Eddie” has been both a menace and a celebrity. A local school has been on a “soft lockdown” with fears that the emu may pose a threat. But, it seems that the emu may have been someones pet due to its calm behavior around humans.

The emu is endemic to Australia and is the second-largest living bird in the world by height, after its relative the ostrich.  The emu is a soft-feathered flightless bird with long necks and legs that reach heights up to 6.2 feet and can run up to 30 mph.


Dan Stonebreaker, owner of 3 Palms Petting Zoo helped capture the bird. Prior to his capture, local authorities gave the community the green light to shoot the bird if it posed a threat. After a local attempted to shoot the bird, the petting zoo staff picked up their efforts and successfully captured him.

This is not the first time an emu has roamed around on the loose in the United States. In Calvert County, Maryland, a local man shot and killed an emu.

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