Bizarre OCD — Woman Addicted To Eating Cat Hair


Bizarre woman is addicted to grooming her cat with her tongue and eating cat hair.

Nearly 2.2 million American suffer from some form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Source: National Institute of Mental Health.

These victims experience uncontrollable habits that are unhealthy to them and their loved ones. All too often, professional help is the only way to help a person who suffers from disorders.

Many individuals begin developing disorders in their early teens. It starts out gradually and  gets worse through their adult life. The common disorders include: clean freaks, germ phobia’s, hoarders, over eating, under eating and systematic processes.

Drugs and alcohol are often labeled as an OCD.

Those who suffer with OCD, often put themselves and their families health at risk. For example, hoarders are a common health risk. The popular television show Hoarders has put this OCD in the spotlight.  The show is a documentary of people and families who suffer from their obsessive disorder of hoarding. The documentary reveals the underlying problem of people hoarding everything from junk to trash and even animals. In most cases, hoarders live in filthy conditions. Because of this, the health of the family is at risk.

But hoarders is just one bad OCD case. There are millions of people all over the world who suffer from all sorts of bizarre disorders. In New York there is a young lady who is addicted to collecting dead animals. There is another story of a woman who was addicted to eating pottery. When the texture failed to satisfy her, she moved to eating cigarette ashes. There are several cases where women are addicted to eating sponges.

With the millions of bizarre OCD cases out there, one should not be surprised to hear the story of a woman addicted to eating cat hair. She walks from one room to the next in search for the perfect piece to eat.  She describes the cat hair to that being similar to cotton candy. However, this woman goes a step further than eating the car hair she finds through her home. She actually grooms her cat with her tongue — she prefers that cat hair fresh off her cat.

I cannot say, but my guess is that she is a single woman.

Many people who suffer from some form of OCD, live a healthy unnatural life. However, others can suffer from financial difficulties, fatigue and weakness, depression and anxiety and all too often, may result in suicide. If a person is suffering from a disorder that is unhealthy, its important for friends and family intervene and help before its too late. If you know someone who suffers from a disorder and believe that the person may need help, seek out a professional.






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