Big Cat Attacks — Trainer Fights For His Life


Tigers are enormous or I would just say “giant” cats that have intrigued people for years. Bengal tigers can be found in India, while a Siberian Tiger can be found in Russia. These endangered cats can get quite big, with a male cat reaching lengths up to 12 feet and a female cat reaching lengths of 10 feet. Of course this includes their tails, which can reach a little over 3 feet. But, that is still a big cat, with a male weighing up to 717 pounds and a female weighing up to 350 pounds. These are “up to” figures and do not reflect an average, but compare these cats to a male lion who weighs “up to” 550 pounds, the tiger is the largest cat.

While these cats can be entertaining and many times reflect similarities to our common house cats, its important to understand that they are still “wild” by nature and quite dangerous. Many people, including professional trainers, have raised these cats from birth and have even treated them like the common household kitties to be used in carnivals and shows at zoo’s throughout the world.

But, when a massive tiger shows its dangerous wild side the results can be deadly. One of the worlds most known attacks occurred during the infamous Siegfried and Roy Show, where a White Bengal tiger attacked performer Roy Horn, by biting him in the neck and dragging him off stage. The show has since ceased operation. Other attacks have occurred just like this throughout the world. There have been millions of views of tiger attacks against their trainers and zookeeper’s on YouTube and Dailymotion.

Most recently a tiger attacked its lifelong trainer at the Australia Zoo. What started out as a playful demonstration with a tiger in the zoo’s enclosure quickly turned into the trainer fighting for his life as the tiger revealed its wild side and aggressively attacked the trainer. The trainers colleagues raced in to help him and they were just barely able to drag the trainer to safety before the tiger mauled him to death. Spectators stood nearby and captured the incident on film.

The Australian Zoo was founded by Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. The zoo’s video footage shows handlers playing with tigers as kitty cat’s who just like to have fun. The attack is a reminder that they are not.

Just in case you are thinking of traveling to India or Russia to observe these tigers in the open wild, be keenly aware that tigers are more likely to attack humans than any other large cat in the world and more commonly known to be man-eaters. Though, its written that these cats are generally not man eaters and attack in many cases when they are startled — its also written that they may attack when a person is running or riding a bike. Now that tells me, that there is no mistake about it, they are looking at the person like a common household cat looks at a string — so do not play with these big cats, when they strike, and they just might, you may not live to tell the story.

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