Woman Suffers from OCD — Eats 20 Sponges a Day


Emma Thompson, a 23 year old woman who suffers from an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Eats up to 20 kitchen sponges a day. She confessed that she would rather stay home and eat sponges than go out to a steak dinner.

How do you eat a dry sponge? Emma can tell you how. First she starts out by soaking her sponges over night  in an apple flavored liquid cleanser. Apparently there is an apple flavored cleanser out there.  After marinating her sponges overnight she munches away beginning the next morning and throughout the day, Yum Yum!

Before you ask,  yes there are soap suds.  Emma says “it’s quite foamy.” My mouth gets full of foam.” get your minds out of the gutter — its only the apple flavored cleanser.

Get this, emma actually has a boyfriend and he buys her sponges. Hey, a man must keep food on the table right?

Bad news for “Sponge Bob”, Emma says she is coming for you.


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